Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things I say Everyday (or at least it FEELS like everyday)

• Please don’t kick the ball in the house
• You’re too loud
• I love you
• Watch your tone
• Have you brushed your teeth yet?
• Please go brush your teeth
• Your shoes do not belong in the living room; please put them in your pockets (not literal pockets--this is a thing hanging on her closet door with lots of spaces for shoes--but that is usually empty except for the pair of shoes she doesn't like and the ones that are too small/big)
• If you would have put your shoes in your pockets, you wouldn’t be looking for them right now
• I don’t want to pick out your clothes—you don’t like what I choose
• Have a good day
• Where’s the remote?
• Can someone please feed the dogs?
• It doesn’t matter who showered 1st yesterday, I’m asking you to get in there now
• Please finish up—others need some hot water, too
• Please rinse your plate
• Volume control, please!
• We are leaving in 10 minutes
• What do you mean you’re not ready to go? I told you we were leaving in 10 miunutes
• Please be kind to your sister
• Do your best
• I’m sorry you don’t like it, this is what we are eating for dinner
• No, we are not eating out
What’s on yours?

1 comment:

Barb said...

Don't antagonize your brother.
keep your hands to yourself.
No, you may not play one more level.
Sorry, asked and answered.
Buckle up.
Put the lid down; flush the toilet; wash your hands.
Good night; I love you; See you in the morning.