Friday, February 12, 2016


I heart glitter. Like really. It makes my husband crazy and has even given me a bad rap with some of my friends who don't think it makes everything better (but we know they are secretly not right in the head-shhhh).

My favorite is to combine rustic with glitter--wood plank signs that have some sparkle on them. Kinda like burlap and lace.   I'm in the middle of thinking through things I can make for our house and there just isn't enough time, y'all. I seriously think I need a 2 day work week so I can find some time to craft and read and clean my messy, messy house.

I'm getting ready to re-do Caroline's room for her birthday. She's tired of the bright pink wall and wants something more neutral. But she's a kid that has always shined from within--even the last few years as she's had a tough time making good friends in our new community.

I want to do a sign like this: 

I think I will change wherever to everywhere and am still figuring out colors. Should I just do it on wood or paint it first and then add the words?  If it goes anything like my current project, I might still be working on it when summer break rolls around.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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