Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting Gas in Downtown Dallas

Last week, I had to drive downtown and was running late, so I didn't get gas at the QT by my house where I usually do. I thought I would be fine getting there and just find something on the way home.

Well, I made it down there, but the gas light came on when I exited the highway. I had about 30 minutes to kill (driving downtown for an 8:15am appt means you either leave really early or sit in traffic and walk in late to your appt.). So, I started driving down Gaston, looking for a gas station.

I pulled into one where a police car was sitting—I figured it was a safe one—got out and pumped my gas. It’s funny how easy it is for me to drive by the people on the street and not give them a second glance, but when you’re staring across the gas pump from them, you have to acknowledge their presence.

The sweet-looking older man put $10 worth of gas in his car, and drove off. As I sat in my car to wait until my tank was full, I was struck by how blessed I was to be able to fill up my whole tank. Sounds simple, but I remember times where I had to only put $5 or $10 in because I didn’t have the extra money to fill it completely.

I usually think I have a pretty good grip on thankfulness. But watching that man drive away, I realized I don’t. I take for granted that I am going to have 3 meals a day (and probably a few snacks in between). I assume I will come home to hot water and lights to be able to watch TV by because my electric bill is paid. I know that, while it means we have to cut the budget somewhere else, if my girls’ shoes fall apart, we can get them some new ones.

I really don’t want to be that person who just assumes I will have what I need. I want to be constantly grateful.

Lord, may I always SEE the goodness You have given me.

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