Friday, February 4, 2011

Living in the Moment

"We are fortunate, all this time we have been given. We must use it well." --from the movie Beyond the Gates

We all have different views and different thoughts on what it means to live in the moment. This week has been a great reminder of what that looks like in my life.

We have been snowed/iced in for 4 days now and I couldn't be happier. I was fortunate enough to go to the store on Monday (not because of the impending weather, but because our pantry was B-A-R-E). Brian has made quick trips every other day for us to replenish firewood, buy bread, get baking ingredients and get out of the house for his own sanity. I could sit in front of the fireplace for another week and still be content.

I admit, this week has been easier for me than for many others. First of all, I am a homebody, so being cooped up in my house, with work and school closed, has been a slice of heaven. As long as I have access to facebook, I could go weeks without seeing anyone. Secondly, my girls are old enough to entertain themselves and even me at times. If this would have happened when they were little, there would have been many tears--mostly mine. Unlike most regular days, they actually got along great this week--we only had a few minor squirmishes and for the most part, they treated each other kindly (which is reason in itself to celebrate).

Here are some things I learned this week:
...Making snow ice cream rocks (even if it's not as good as BlueBell)
...Doing a big puzzle is therapeutic for the soul--it has a start and an end (unlike most things in life which are ongoing projects)
...Caroline always wins at "Sorry" (she thinks it because the yellow is the luckiest)
...Spending 30 minutes to bundle up is worth it (even if you only play in the snow for 5 minutes and have a bunch of dirty, wet clothes afterward)
...Hot dogs always taste better when roasted in the fireplace (esp. when your hubby roasts yours while you watch What Not to Wear on TV)
...When your kids get bored, send them to the store with your hubby to spend their Christmas money (they'll be occupied for the next day and a half with their new stuff)
...You can go several days without taking a shower and as long as you aren't going out in public nobody will notice (except your family, but they stink just as much, so they won't complain)
...Staying up until 3am to watch the snow fall is soooo worth it (and waking up your girls to see it makes it better--even if they don't fully appreciate it)
...A good fire in the fireplace can warm up an entire house (but when it goes out at night, it can get down to the low 50's)
...Even if gumbo is not your favorite food, try it (it will make your hubby happy and may surprise you at how good it is)
...If your kids want to walk 2 miles in the snow to the store, do it (just take an extra scarf and hand warmers for when they take yours--and be prepared to pull the wagon 3/4 of the time)
...When your 9 year old can't sleep, and she doesn't have school the next day, let her stay up and watch tv with you (esp if she enjoys all the Alaska shows on that your hubby flips between)

So, all in all, I will be sad to go back to reality. I would like to stay in my cocoon for a little while longer, but, if I did that, I would not be seizing the next moment that I've been given. I would be living in the past and missing out on the here and now. So, I will happily go to a friends for dinner tomorrow and jump in to work on Sunday morning.

BUT, there is more snow in the forecast for next week... :)

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