Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mom Roles

Being a mom is always an adventure. Even on the dull days, there is typically drama that abounds. Most moms know they wear many different hats. Here are just a few of mine:
• bread-crust cutter
• notebook signer
• grocery shopper (I actually had this one on the list twice—guess you know what’s important in our house)
• fish, frog and dog feeder
• pillow fluffer and bed straightener
• shhh-er (even made one of the girls cry last night by doing this one)
• the one who always knows where the band-aids are
• night-light bulb finder (or new night light buyer if we can’t find more bulbs)
• personal shopper and daily clothes picker-outer (I envy those of you whose kids pick out their clothes—I’d even be okay if mine looked like Rainbow Brite, as long as they did it themselves)
• dish washer
• laundry folder (although I will admit, this one I’m always 2-3 days behind on)
• sock matcher (yes, this could be included in laundry folder, but I think it deserves it’s own bullet point—if you’ve had to ever pair up socks of 2 girls who are only 2 shoes sizes apart, you’ll understand why)
• frozen waffle cooker (yeah, I know “cooker” is a stretch, but someone has to put them in the toaster, butter them and pour the syrup)
• chauffeur (even though they don’t treat my car like they would a limo)
• orange peeler, apple cutter, and banana peel starter
• apple juice maker
• reading buddy
• birthday party planner
• doctor, dentist and dermatologist appointment maker
• bad dream sleeping partner
• soccer schedule knower
• pony tail maker
• hair straightener
• hair curler

And those are just my daily tasks. I’m sure I left something off. What about you? What would you add to the list?


Barb said...

Helper of homework
back pack packer
chore supervisor
picker upper of crap left on the floor
screen time monitor
referee and moderator of sibling spats
number one fan
encourager when others aren't
the last smile of the day and sometimes the first one of the morning

Angel said...

Oh, WOW!!! Wish I could say my smile is the last my girls see at night. My voice is usually the last one yelling at them before bed...Maybe that's why I have to be the sleep partner when they have bad dreams. :)

April said...

Wow, there are several of these that I don't do, why'd you have to go and be an overachiever?? I don't cut their crusts, fold the sock basket, um, and a few others.