Friday, February 18, 2011

What to do when your dog wakes you up at 2am and you can't go back to sleep

Yeah, I know it’s a long title, but I’m putting it out there in hopes that someone else has some great ideas. It’s now 3:30am and I’ve given up trying to lay in my bed and sleep—even though I’m not going to be a happy camper when 5am rolls around and I have no choice but to get moving on my day.
So here’s what I do when I’m up and the rest of the world is enjoying their pillow:
• Read a work email and question the way I handled a situation. Worry over it for a half an hour, weighing all the pros and cons
• Send said email on to someone else to see if they would have done it differently and hoping for words of wisdom
• Go to the bathroom
• Peruse facebook to see if anyone has posted anything fun since 11pm when I last looked
• Curse the dog, again for waking me in the first place (guess I forgot to put the first curse at the top of this list)
• Discover a great blog and read the last few months worth of posts
• Leave the blogger a message, telling them how great they are
• Add the blog to my list that I follow
• Worry that the blogger will now think I’m stalking them
• Go to the bathroom
• Worry about the dang email situation again
• Try to figure a way to drive in the HOV lane downtown this morning so that I don’t have to leave at 6:30am and sit in traffic for over an hour
• Think about what bills need to be paid today
• Wonder if there is something wrong with me because my leg often goes to sleep and feels like the circulation is cut off (and then start thinking about when it first happened and why I didn’t tell the doctor about it at my last physical, and should I even worry about it or just chalk it up to getting old)
• Curse my hubby because he went right back to sleep after being woken up by the dog
• Go through my blog post ideas and realize I still don’t have inspiration on any of them
• Get up and turn on the computer instead of doing everything on my phone
• Decide to start a blog about not sleeping
• Start wondering, once again, if I should just journal instead of blog
• Think about my ear appointment in a few hours (started to say “in the morning,” but IT IS MORNING!)
• Wonder what I will do if my ear doctor retires
• Continue blogging—even though I know this is technically too long and I’ve lost anyone who was reading up to this point
• Worry about whether I’m blogging to get approval from others or a need to satisfy something inside me—in which case, should I even care if I’ve already lost my audience—or am I the only audience that matters (and if so, why don’t I just journal)
• Think about going to the bathroom again
• Wonder if I REALLY need to shower before leaving the house today
• Try to decide whether to post this blog.
• Decide to post it so I can have something to laugh about later
• Wonder whether I should link it on facebook
• Wonder if I should worry that I have lots of pageviews but not very many followers—are people out there stalking me and should I be careful what I post in case someone decides to hunt me down?
• Start to feel tired again
• Play a couple of Words With Friends rounds, thankful I’m actually beating someone for a change
• Wonder why I’m so competitive
• Decide this has been long enough and I need to go to try to go to sleep again


April said...

HA HA HA, this is hilarious, and so many of them I could have been my exact thoughts! I'm going to read through them again later. Especially if I'm up in the middle of the night.
So did you go back to sleep?
How was your ear appt?
I love the font, I have to figure out more formatting stuff.
I'll follow you!

Angel said...

Glad someone could relate. Brian just told me he was gonna commit me after I read it to him. I DID go back to sleep, but DID NOT take a shower before heading to the ear doctor--which was uneventful, except for getting gas downtown--that's now on my blog idea list. I'm honored that you're following me--if Brian does have me institutionalized, I'm taking you with me!

April said...

Read through them you get up at 5:00 am every day??

April said...

Ha Ha, look at that, I changed my photo tonight, and now you have 2 Aprils with different photos. And I have no idea why, but I'm cracking up. And I'm using up one of your comments to do it. And now when you sign on, you're going to get excited to see you have 2 new comments, and then get disappointed that they're both from me. HAAA!!!!!