Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mrs. Green Jeans

Last weekend, I took my oldest bra shopping.  Yep, you heard me--we are at that stage of life.  There are many posts I'd like to do here on it, but I really don't want to embarrass her, so I'll drop it...for now, at least. 

Anyway, we found her stuff pretty quickly and I wandered over into my section for jeans.  Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping?  I absolutely dread it--no matter what kind it is.  I used  to like shopping for other people, but even that is a beat-down for me these days.  And yes, shoe shopping is included in the hate column--I know that calls into question my femaleness, but one pair of black shoes is really enough for me-as long as they are comfortable.

So, back to the jeans.  I couldn't find any regular jeans, but Hope found the colored rack.  She begged me--seriously--to try on the green ones.  After realizing I was actually dodging a bullet by not being coerced into taking the purple ones as well, I grabbed the green pair and headed to the dressing room.

They are a little too much.  And I only have 2 shirts that I know I can wear with them (I'm a mix and match queen when it comes to clothes--I like any new item to match 4-5 things).  I think I'm too old and big to wear something trendy--I've never been a "cool" person in my life--I'm a "classic" kind of girl. 

But, I walked out of the store with them anyway.  And Hope was so ecstatic--you'd have thought I won the lottery. And I got several compliments on them when I wore them (to which she smirked and said "I told you so!").

It sounds silly.  A post about green jeans.  But here's what I learned from it:
  • Saying "Yes" to your kids can benefit you as much as them.
  • Taking a risk every now and then reaps benefits
  • I don't have to dread shopping--my daughter's love language--I can celebrate the fact that I now have a personal shopper
And the thing that is slapping me in the face the most:

My 10 year old already has more fashion sense than I do. 


Barb said...

I hate shopping, too. I feel ya.

April said...

I hate shopping too.
Way to go on the green jeans! I haven't brought myself to try on a pair yet!

Angel said...

She found some orange ones tonight she tried to get me in. Said they matched the orange in my Kids City shirt and I could wear them every week. I passed. She said she was comin back without me and was gonna buy them. Sad thing is I can seriously imagine her buying them for me for Christmas.