Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Faiiled on Day 2

Yep, I already failed.  ARGH!!!  I have not written 500 words except on January 1st.  While not a true new year's resolution, this was probably the shortest amount of time in history for someone to fail at something they plan to do. 

So, I'll try again.  I'd like to say I will go back and pick up the days I missed, but that kinda overwhelms me, so I'll just start today.  Hopefully I can get 500 words in, but I'm feeling a little empty-headed these days on stuff to write about.  Maybe that's my answer and I should just stop.

But deep inside of me, there's this desire to do more with my writing.  Even if I fail.  Even if I say things that have already been said by others.  Even if nobody reads what I write. 

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