Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rough Edges

I finally started a project I've been wanting to do for the past year.  It's going to be a word wall for my house.  You've probably seen it on pinterest--I'm not originl--one of my favorite things to do is take something already done and personalize it.

I chose what I thought would be an easy word to start out with last night.  It was one of the thickest with the straightest lines--surely I could do it!  And what better word than "REAL" to begin with, right? 

I knew I wanted to use rough cedar for some of my boards.  Number one, I love the look of it (and have a bookcase Brian made for me out of it).  Number 2, who doesn't love the smell of fresh wood????  If you don't, you may not ever want to visit my house. 

In case y'all didn't know it, rough cedar is...well, rough.  Trying to paint straight lines on it isn't the easiest task.  The edges are rough and a little fuzzy-looking.  While I wasn't upset with the result, I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out how I could make the edges more sharp.  Could I use a sharpie?  Should I only use the smooth side of the cedar for the other boards (I have 12 total, 4 more of which are cedar--and one word is long).

But, I woke up this morning deciding to keep the rough edges.  I know it won't look professional, but I'm okay with that, because that's who I am and who my family is. 

We are not clean-edged kind of people.  We're a bit messy.  And no matter how beautiful the font is God uses on us, the material used will always add it's own personality--whether is a pine board painted red or turquoise or green, or just a rough cedar one.

So, when I finally finish this wall (which probably won't happen until summer) and you come to my house, be ready to see some rough edges.  That's who the Royals are. 

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