Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finding your Passions

One of my favorite things about parenting is watching my girls discover a new talent or love. 

Caroline has tried lots of different things.  And she likes them for a year or two, but has not found something that she is just plain passionate about for longer than that; however, she's always enjoyed baking. 

Last summer, I asked the girls to each plan and cook dinner one night a week.  With our crazy schedule, we only did it a few times, but Caroline loved it.  Over the last year, she has looked up recipes on Pinterest and baked several different items, but hasn't really cooked a meal.  Except for grilled cheese.  Let me tell you, she makes UH-mazing grilled cheese sandwiches.  I seriously beg her to make me one every so often. 

Brian and I decided to ask them to each take a night a week to plan, cook and clean up again this summer.  Caroline was excited.  I tried to tell her that it didn't have to be fancy, sandwiches are fine--she just had to coordinate the whole meal.  She scoffed at me.  "I'm not going to make something as easy as sandwiches!" 

So she went to Pinterest and created a shopping list for me as well as menus for us.  She decided to make baked potato casserole and wanted to make cupcake sundaes for dessert.  Ummmmm....how awesome is that?  And let me tell you, it was really good! 

I called her on my way home from work to find out what kind of cupcake mix she wanted.

"Oh, I don't need a mix.  I already made them today.  I did them from scratch.  Dad had to help me with the icing, though."

Seriously?  How did she even know to make them this way?  I'm all about starting with a mix for everything and adding to it.  She is definitely her father's daughter.

Anyway, it's such a fun thing to watch her discover her passions and to encourage her creativity! 

It's such a good reminder that creativity can take all kinds of forms.   Anytime we step out and embrace the gifts we've been given, we are courageous.

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