Thursday, June 23, 2016

So what now?

God doesn't always answer my prayers in the way I think He should.  I have prayed for years that He would give me lots of money so I could give it to people/organizations who are doing amazing things to serve others (I might have also prayed for a jeep for myself a few times). 

Anyway...I've just realized recently that He chose instead to give me a voice so I could tell stories of people--mostly kids--who are overlooked or forgotten or just unknown.  And I tell these stories not to lay a guilt trip on you or make you feel bad for the blessings He has given you--I don't see any reason we should sit around and feel bad for what we have--especially if you have a Jeep.  I tell them because as hard as they are to hear, we NEED to know.

A few days ago, I wrote a post about God breaking my heart for the girls at Kids Alive/Oasis in Guatemala.  Most of my posts get a couple of views, but this one has over 500 at this point.  I wrote it from a self-centered point of view and wanted to talk a little bit more about the ministry there and what we can do.

Those of you who know me from my Lovepacs stuff, know I have a heart to be part of the solution and not just talk about the injustice of it all.  But, if you are like me, you might see a big need and feel like the little you can do won't be enough, so you do nothing.  I've done that.  I DO that.  All. The. Time. 

But I don't want to do that anymore.  And I don't think you do, either.

I have bitten my nails forever.  (Yes, this is the same blog post--just stay with me).  I've done artificial nails or most recently, as my real nails grew, the powder dip stuff (which I L-O-V-E!).  Well, I decided to try to go natural and after just a couple of weeks, I have bitten them down to the quick again.  I didn't have time to get them done before Brian got back so I had plans to go on Sunday afternoon after church.  The cost is $35 plus tip. 

And then Brian came home from Guatemala. 

And fell in love with the ministry of Kids Alive.

And told me he wanted to sponsor a couple of girls.

And showed me pictures and told me stories.

My thoughts went immediately to my nails.  They look horrible and I am embarrassed to have them look this way as I start interviewing.  But, if I choose not to get my nails done, we could sponsor 2 girls.  Every month.  Is that really a sacrifice? 

Here are some other things I thought of:
  • If we gave up just 2 Starbucks drinks a week, we could sponsor a child
  • If we chose to eat out one less time a month, we could sponsor a child
  • If I took my lunch on Tuesdays, we could sponsor a child
  • If we gave up a gallon of Bluebell, we could sponsor 1/2 a child.
I don't know about you, but none of those are sacrifices for me (as much as I want to joke about it--even the Bluebell isn't--and yes, I considered the fact that Strawberry hit the shelves this week).

What would you add to that list? 
To learn more about all the amazing things Kids Alive does, or to sponsor a child, click HERE.

You don't have to choose a child in Guatemala--Kids Alive is in 14 other countries!

And would you do me a favor?  I don't beg for comments often, but would love to hear from you.

If you decide to sponsor one or twelve, would you let me know?  You can email me at or you can leave a comment here (you don't have to put your name--you can do it anonymously). 

And even if you don't sponsor, would you join me in praying for these kids and the Kids Alive organization? Comment to let me know what you are praying--that often opens my eyes to new ways I, too, can pray! Thank you!!!!!

                                                   This is the team that Brian was on!


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