Monday, July 4, 2016

Rebels aren't all bad

It's the 4th of July and I'm sitting in my room, listening to all the illegal fireworks going off around me.  I find myself going back and forth between cheering the people on and hoping they get in trouble with the police. 

Kinda weird, I know.

It's really loud and I know it will continue through the night--the last couple of years, I've heard them up until 2am.  And there are some big ones right behind my house so I'm a little worried about sparks falling this way.  So that's why I want them caught and stopped.

But, on the other hand, I LOVE fireworks.  If the mosquitos weren't so bad tonight, I would be sitting out there watching them.  I also love people who rebel.  Not in a let's rob stores and run from the cops kind of way, but in the stand up for something you love sort of way. 

As I think back to how our country started, I'm reminded of the people who went against the current system and stood up against King George.  They stood up for what was right and fair.  And they didn't back down--even though it seemed insane that colonies as small as they were would win freedom from the big and powerful Great Britain.

They stood against laws that didn't make sense.  Not because they were in it for themselves, but because they wanted better for their families and friends.

I, for one, am so very grateful that they did. 

And they inspire me to be brave and make me want to stand up against the wrongs I see instead of just going along with the status quo.  Not because I want to cause a ruckus or draw attention to myself, but because there are people coming behind me.  Some can't stand up for themselves and some need to see bravery in order to have some of their own. 

"Lord, give me wisdom to know when to stand and fight and discernment to know when to submit to authority.  Purify my motives and show me when I am doing things out of selfishness/pride."

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