Monday, July 11, 2016

Yeah, me Neither...More #Askingforafriend Posts

Have you ever based your outfit for the day on what clothes don't need to be ironed? Yeah, me neither

Have you ever realized at 8pm that you've been walking around all day with an empty fitbit band? Yeah, me neither

Have you ever put sunglasses on your head even though it was cloudy and rainy outside because you couldn't stand your limp, flat hair hanging in your face anymore? Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever been afraid of being mauled by a flock of chickens because you fed the dogs before you gave them scratch? Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever honked at somebody who kinda cut you off on the highway and then felt bad about it afterward? Yeah, me neither. #thisiswhyidonthaveafishonmycar

Have you ever ended your family Christmas with your brother-in-law teaching your kids how to play blackjack? Yeah, me neither

Have you ever cried after dropping your kids at school because the radio is talking about sick kids and you are just overwhelmed with the blessing of healthy daughters? Yeah, me neither

Have you ever been worried that one of your new baby chicks wasn't gonna make it so you went to the feed store and came home with medicine AND another chick? Yeah, me neither. #Askingforahusband

Remember that time at the lake when I thought I could balance on a piece of styrofoam and a rope but I fell in and got a mouth full of debris-filled water, and lost my phone and shoes? Yeah, me neither (gurgle, gurgle)

Have you ever gotten in the shower and realized that your kids used the last of your favorite shower gel (the one you thought would last until Friday when you would have time to buy more) and the only choice left for you was to use their over-the-top, perfume-y gel? neither

Have you ever been so angry at your husband because he made it safely to work over an hour ago and forgot to call you, so you've been imagining all kinds of accidents (even to the point of trying to figure out how safe it would be for you to go to the hospital to visit him and whether you should tell your daughters)? Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever started to panic because your Kindle won't work and you just started a road trip? neither. ‪#‎firstworldproblems

Have you ever rubbed your eye--even though you knew you shouldn't because you just cut a jalapeno? Yeah, me neither

Have you ever parked your car on Sunday afternoon and forgot you left your windows down when a huge stormed rolled in overnight, and came out to the interior of said car being just plain wet and making an already hard Monday morning even harder? Yeah, me neither ☔️🚘 ‪#‎mondaymorningfail

Have you ever skipped dinner and then "sampled" all the Trader Joes purchases you just made while waiting on your daughter to finish soccer practice? Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever had that moment of panic when you are too far from your house to turn back around and you have no recollection of putting on deodorant that morning? Yeah, me neither.

Do you ever find that when you are alone all day, you talk out loud to yourself? neither

Have you ever crushed garlic in the morning and found yourself smelling your hands all day bc you like the aroma that's still lingering from it? ...asking for a friend

Have you ever talked a friend into doing a Bible study with you and then you lost your book and keep forgetting to tell her so you make it your status update on Facebook?

Does anyone else think their "To Do List" gets more stuff put on it than marked off it on some days?

Have you ever left your house in thick, warm zebra Jammie bottoms, fluffy striped socks (that don't necessarily coordinate with the zebra pants), a plaid scarf and your husbands camo coat--praying that you don't have to get out of the car when you pick your daughter up from bball practice?

If you were going to color your own hair to cover the gray, what brand would you buy? I'm obviously asking for a friend

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