Monday, April 4, 2011

Disney Surprise

My family has been extremely blessed this year. God has provided in tremendous ways—through friends and family—and we have gotten to do or have lots of extra perks. I’ve already written a blog about Hope’s soccer, but there are several other things similar to that (though not as big, still just as impactful on my family).

The most recent blessing is a trip to Disney World. Brian’s brother is taking his son and invited Brian and the girls to come along with him—all expenses paid. REALLY???? How incredible is that? The girls still don’t know, so shhhh—you can’t tell them.

When I first heard about the trip, I wasn’t as excited as I am now. Not sure if you caught it, but the trip is for Brian and the girls. Not me. It is not a personal thing—it truly is just a brother and their kids kind-of thing. Except that Brian, me, and the girls have never been to Disney World and the thought of going there is honestly just a dream for us outside of this. Also, Caroline has never been on an airplane and Hope was only 10 months old when she rode on one, so she doesn’t remember (thank goodness—that was a flight I threw up on twice and she cut her finger—which bled and bled-on my can of ginger ale). All this means that I won’t be there to share it in person with them.

So, it took me a while to be okay with it. At first, I played the martyr and thought about how a mom should “sacrifice” for her kids (yeah, I’ve never heard sacrifice and Disney World in the same sentence, either). Then I thought of just being a brat and saying we needed to wait until we could all go. Yep—I actually thought that, too. It’s often not a pretty place in my mind. Thankfully, my hubby is willing to ride the roller coaster of emotions with me (actually, he stands beside the roller coaster, waiting for me to get off of it so I can have a sane discussion that doesn’t involve too much crazy emotion).

But, I am finally, excited about the trip. I’m sure I will be in a funk on the days they are gone, but I have a spa package I received (yet another gift) that I plan to take advantage of during that time. It’s not really a great sacrifice on my part—even though I tend to throw in the drama because I think the world is all about me. :)

So here’s where I need your help. I want to think of a fun, creative way to tell my girls. The first time my brother and sis-in-law took their kids, they wrapped up the Mickey Mouse crocs. I’m gonna head to the Disney Store one of these days and may get some ideas there, but would love your help. How did you tell your kids you were going or can you think of a fun way for Brian and I to share the news?

And remember—it’s a SECRET! You can’t say anything to my girls—I’ll blog about the way we finally decide to tell them.

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April said...

Totally totally totally understand the roller coaster of emotions on this one!! I don't want to take my "self" out of the picture, but when we do, now it can just be viewed as an incredible blessing and opportunity for daddy and his daughters.
Don't have any ideas yet, but I'll think about it!