Saturday, April 23, 2011

Washing Feet

For the last two nights, I have washed feet. And I’ve LOVED it. Seriously. I know that sounds gross and I promise you, I don’t have a foot fetish and don’t understand people who do. Feet typically gross me out—especially hairy-toed ones. Ewww!

Our church has been doing this incredible thing called “Journey to the Cross” that is a way for people to experience what Jesus went through his final week on this earth through 10 different interactive stations. As the individuals or families enter in, the first station is the Upper Room. And in the upper room, Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. So we had this big table, with benches on both sides and 6 basins to wash people’s feet as they entered.

Thursday, when I was asked if I wanted to do it, I said I would, but also voiced that I really wanted to be able to talk to families and mingle with them. In my mind, that meant that I was hanging out in the big area where people were waiting, maybe guiding them back to the beginning of the experience. I didn’t think I would get much chance to interact with them while washing their feet.

But I did. I got to pray for probably hundreds of people over the past two nights. Some families, some men, some women and lots of kiddos. I’m not sure which was my favorite—there were so many moments. I especially loved praying over the moms who brought their kiddos on their own. And then praying for her children and showing her how to wash their feet.

It’s crazy, I know. Not everyone shaved—there were some prickly ankles. Some people had been in shoes all day and their feet did not necessarily have the “aroma of Christ.” But that really didn’t bother me (at least not much). What bothered me was when I was “bumped” by another pastor getting in to take his turn. I didn’t want to stop.

This Holy Week, I feel like I’ve felt what Christ did in a deeper way than ever before. I am literally overwhelmed by His love and mercy toward me. I went through the experience myself and enjoyed it, but I wasn't really moved to emotion the way I wished I would be. God chose to do that for me by allowing me to wash feet.

I am so blessed!

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Becca said...

My mom told me all about the Journey to the Cross and it sounded AMAZING!! So neat that you were able to be a part of it too!