Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Musings

What a sad day this was 2000 years ago
“Easy Feet” is one of the weirdest products yet.
Wonder how many people will be at Journey to the Cross tonight?
My back hurts.
Why am I complaining about my back and not reflecting on the pain Jesus went through?
Did my girls just go outside in their t-shirts and panties?
What’s for breakfast?
No, wait, it’s not Sunday yet—his body is in the tomb.
Do I have clean socks?
I knew Him. I knew HIM!
Is there anyone else the Spirit is prompting me to invite to Journey to the Cross?
Wonder if my girls actually get the somberness of what they experienced yesterday?
Do I get the somberness of it?
Having my hubby wash my feet touched my soul
Wonder if the red paint will come out of my hands today?
Did people notice my red hand when I was washing their feet? If so, what did they think?
I can’t wait until Journey to the Cross tonight.
I’ve already cried twice this morning; I’d better wear pants with pockets tonight so I can stuff them full of tissues.
So far, this has been the most impactful Holy Week yet.
I’m so glad the story doesn’t end with the tomb.
I can’t wait until Journey to the Cross tonight—I know I already said that, but I REALLY am excited!
Thank You, Jesus.
What incredible love!
Words are inadequate.

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April said...

Good ones! Definitely a great experience, awesome that you get to experience it for a 3rd night in a row.