Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parsley and Basil and Oreg-a who?

Today was Caroline’s field trip to the Outdoor Learning Area in our district. This is one of my favorites because we are outside all day long—learning about nature, walking the trails and seeing creatures. Of course, as soon as 3 buses of 100 1st graders show up, most of the living creatures take cover. The kids did get to see a decomposing coyote and learn that when an animal eats fruit it poops the seeds and more fruit trees grow. Never dull on these trips.

As we were walking through the garden section, the teacher pointed out the basil and parsley and oregano. She asked the kids if their parents ever cooked with those items. Ha! I told Brian, “Sure! As long as Ragu puts it in their jar.”

That’s just how we roll at the Royal house.

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April said...

Gross! (on the pooping coyote)