Saturday, April 2, 2011

No More Fairy Dust, Please

Well, the tooth fairy did it again. She forgot to show up last night. Pretty sad. You’d have thought she learned her lesson the last time—especially since it cost her an extra dollar. The only reason she remembered a few days ago (yes—it’s crazy that Hope has lost 3 teeth in 2 weeks and has another getting ready to come out at any time now) was because she woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep.

So, she left another note, but no extra cash this time (yes, she has already visited tonight—yay!!!). Our tooth fairy leaves “fairy dust” aka glitter all around the pillow of the person who lost the tooth. Sometimes, it’s hard for her to see how much glitter she is leaving, so she keeps dusting and the result is a good amount of it that stays around for a long time (and finds itself on the tooth loser's face and in her hair). Since she was a day late the last time, she tried to make it up by leaving extra fairy dust, but Hope rolled to the other side of her bed, so when her dad came in to wake her up and laid down beside her, he was covered in pink glitter. This should help explain the note pictured here on the outside of the envelope containing her tooth.

I’m not sure how many teeth kids have and how many they will lose (and yes, I realize this does not make me smarter than a 5th grader), but I just hope our tooth fairy doesn’t have to leave another note; she’s running out of excuses.


Barb said...

Aw man. I was hoping for a picture of Brian covered in pink fairy dust!

Becca said...


Did the note work? No "dust" from the fairy???


Angel said...

The fairy did not leave any dust this time; however, I did notice a random piece of pink glitter on Brian's back yesterday--but I'm not sayin a word! :)

April said...