Monday, April 11, 2011

We're Goin to Disney World!!!

So, the secret is out and the girls now know they are headed to see Mickey in a little over a month. Pretty fun stuff!

How did we tell them, you ask? Well, since I know you are dying to hear, here’s what happened: We borrowed a friend's Mickey Mouse waffle iron and told the girls we had a special treat for dinner and it was a secret. We told them it was going to be breakfast, but that there would be a surprise involved.

Hope kept trying to guess what the secret was. "We're gonna have chocolate covered strawberries!" was one guess. Caroline yelled, “If its pancakes, I’m not eating it!” And then later, “I smell bacon!” I blocked them from the kitchen and cut up strawberries while Brian mixed the batter, cooked the bacon and then the waffles (he had been with a bunch of middle school boys all weekend, so he still had lots of energy—hahahaha!).

We put the waffles on their plates, covered them with another plate (like a lid) and let them come in and sit at the table. Then we counted to 3 and let them lift the "lid" to see their waffles. My favorite part of the night was the fact that they were just excited to have Mickey Mouse shaped waffles—they thought that was the surprise. It’s moments like those that make me want to just squeeze them tight and not let go.

Brian asked them where Mickey lived and Caroline said, “At the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” We had to explain that he really lived at Disney World and that Uncle Mike was going to take them on a trip to visit Mickey and his friends. They were in shock. Even five minutes later, Hope asked, “Is this really for real?”

So, the planning begins. Hope wants to watch every video on the Disney website and Caroline just wants to be surprised. It’s gonna be a fun month of planning at the Royal house!

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April said...

Oh wow, totally exciting!!!!