Friday, March 4, 2011

And the Worst Mom of the Year Award Goes to...

This morning, I reached the pinnacle of mom failure. I always wondered what it would feel like to be the worst mom ever—I knew I was in the running, but I was holding out hope that someone else would beat me. I think, today, I finally earned the title.

What finally put me into the winner’s, I mean loser’s circle? The tooth fairy forgot to show up at our house last night. Yep, you heard me right—NO SHOW!

I can give all kinds of excuses, but truth is, until Hope asked me to turn her light on this morning so she could see under her pillow better, I just plain forgot about it. It’s not like losing it was uneventful—it came out while we were out to dinner and we left a trail of bloody napkins to prove it (ok—I’m exaggerating. I did make Hope throw them away so that our sweet friend who works there didn’t have to deal with them).

Anyway, I knew this day would eventually come. Part of me wanted to just tell her the truth this morning, but I thought about all the reasons I want her to believe as long as possible (I talked a little about it in my post on Santa at the Royal House last December).

What is amusing is the different reactions the girls had. Hope’s was, “HEY! That’s no fair!” When Caroline (who is 2 years younger) and I were discussing it later, her response was, “Maybe she’s sick. Or her wings got wet and she couldn’t fly. I’ll bet she comes tonight.”

So the dilemma is whether the tooth fairy will come while she is at school or just wait until tonight. I’m sure she will leave a note explaining why she didn’t make it last night (I can’t wait to hear her excuse--she has no snow or rain or tornadoes to blame it on, so I’m curious). I’m also assuming she’s gonna add a late fee to the usual dollar she leaves.

I told Hope there must have been a lot of kids who lost their teeth last night and she probably just didn’t have time to make it here. But that excuse stinks—does it mean other kids are more important than my child? Or is it a good lesson for her to learn that she is not the center of the world? Geesh, when you’re a parent, sometimes there’s just not a good response.

Especially when you’re the worst mom of the year…

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April said...

First of all, you are NOT the worst mom in the world, not even close. You're a great mom, so stop it!
And second of all, I really have nothing else to add. I don't know what you should do, but I know you'll make a good decision :)