Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caroline's Day

For Spring Break, each of my girls spent a day/night with their Mimi and I got the other. It’s always fun to see how different the dynamics are when it’s only one instead of both. Each girl got to choose something fun (that cost less than $20) to do with me for the day.

Caroline's day started out slow. I thought she would enjoy arts and crafts, so I was researching places to go and do something creative. After finally deciding to go do a mosaic tile project, we found out the place was closed, so we were back at square one. Finally, she decided she wanted to go see a movie, so we went to the Dollar Theatre to see “Tangled.”
After the movie (which we both loved), she wanted to wander the aisles of Toys R Us, so, needless to say, we didn’t just wander—we bought. We came out of there with the game Operation. I hadn’t played that game in years—there’s nothing like fishing out a toilet from a man’s stomach or hearing a farting sound and trying to find the toxic waste symbol.
For dinner, she begged to go to Babe’s so Brian and I reluctantly agreed (ha!). I have to say that I was so sad she wouldn’t do the hokey pokey because she would be to “a-barrassed.” Sniff—my baby is growing up. At dinner, she wanted us to buy dessert so that Brian and I could feed each other—like we did at our wedding. Although, she informed me that the reason I was so much bigger now then when I got married was because I had eaten too much wedding cake. Really—she saw the pictures of how big our cake was (her words)!
We didn’t order dessert, but when we got home, she broke into one of her birthday presents—an ice cream maker and mixed us up a treat. Can’t say it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had (okay—it was pretty much just plain disgusting), but she enjoyed making it (even she wouldn’t eat it, but she did save some for Hope).

All in all, it was a good day. It’s funny. Since Caroline has never been an only child, I often forget how funny and entertaining she is. I mean, isn’t that why we had children—to keep us amused??? Seriously, Hope is so good at so many things that I worry Caroline will get stuck in her shadow. Its days like today that remind me that this kiddo will never be in anyone’s shadow—she shines way too much for that!


Angel said...

yes--I know that a couple of the pics are too dark, but I just HAD to post them anyway--gotta document those memories.

April said...

Oh that is awesome, I need to do a better job of one-on-one time with my girls! Sounds like a great day! Now I'm off to read to Hope's....

Becca said...

Again - I'm with April- the one-on-one thing is a GREAT idea!!