Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Traditions

Traditions are a big deal to me. Probably bigger to me than to my girls—at least right now. Each year, we add new traditions and some things fall away. For a while, we had pancakes every Saturday morning. Now, we do it a couple of times a month because the girls got tired of them. We used to do sundaes every Sunday, but now, we’ve been trying to eat healthier and not keep ice cream in the house.

Everybody loves a smore (at least every SANE person does). There is some debate in our house on HOW to make them (Brian thinks you need to wrap the whole thing in foil and cook it in the fire, but that takes a looooong time and I prefer roasting the marshmallow and putting it on the graham cracker and chocolate).

Anyway, several months ago, we went to a bonfire with friends. Instead of just Hershey chocolate (gotta use Hershey bars), I picked up some Reeses peanut butter cups. They were a hit (although Brian insists they really need to be put in foil and cooked his way since they are so thick and harder to melt).

This weekend, we were introduced to another tweak with the smores. Instead of using marshmallows, our friends used PEEPS. Now, normally, I cannot stand PEEPS—they gag me; however, I tried one on a smore and they were so stinkin good that I’m still sitting here thinking about them and wishing I could have one right now. Not only do they add a yummy caramelized crunchiness to the smore, they add color (not to mention that they melt a whole lot easier and more consistently than a regular marshmallow).

I’m not saying that all traditions need to change. Some need to stay the same. The key is in knowing which to change and which to keep.


April said...

I am SO thinking about this now, and planning to do this in the backyard this weekend!

Becca said...

Did you roast the poop over the fire?? And the sugar coating wasn't too sweet??? It sounds yummy - even at 8 am!!


Angel said...

Yes--roasted it over the fire. It actually melted more evenly than a marshmallow. The sugar caramelized and gave it a yummy crunch. It was a bit sweeter, but not over the top