Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I've Learned from Camping

I think camping gets a bad rap. People think that camping means you rough it and live in the wilderness. They have obviously not been camping with the Royals. We do sleep in a tent (although I DREAM about one day owning a pop-up camper) and we do have to use the restrooms that the campground provides (BUT, many of them are cleaner than my girls bathroom at home--esp. the countertops!).

• Using peeps instead of marshmallows (even when you normally don’t like peeps, is AWESOME on smores

• If you share a bed with your 7 year old and she goes to bed first, be prepared to move her out of your side onto her own sleeping bag

• There is a HUGE difference in a Comfort Station and a Restroom (if you don’t know this, don’t go camping until you do)

• When your site is not close to the comfort station, do not wait until the last minute to head out to the restroom; you might take the wrong path and have a painful last 100 steps

• Adult juice boxes rock

• Reading in nature is even more fun than being curled up in front of a fire at home

• You can never pack too much toilet paper, paper towels, or wet wipes

• Like most things in life, it's so much more fun with friends

• When you’re dirty, but around others who haven’t showered either, you don’t stink so badly

• If you choose to go to the bathroom “in the woods,” make sure it’s really the woods and is not facing your neighbors campsite

• A little sand in your hair won’t kill you (although some between your toes may really annoy you)

• Always clean your feet before getting in your bed; otherwise, you’ll have gritty stuff in there that will never come out

• Everything tastes better when it’s cooked and eaten outside

• When you sit around a campfire and swap stories with friends, bonding always occurs


Barb said...

Okay, so what is the difference between a Comfort Station and a Restroom?

Angel said...

A restroom is sometimes a hole in the ground with a building around it--usually has a dirty, nasty sink, no toilet paper or soap. A comfort station has real toilets that flush, sinks and showers. And it's cleaned on a regular basis. :) Maybe you should go camping with us next time????

April said...

Good tips...I just still can't get my mind off the Peeps, and I'm so doing it this weekend!!!