Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I never thought I'd do...

Wash jeans that were stained with cow poop
Tell my girls to stop farting
Laugh when my girls fart
Buy the generic brand of anything
Feed a frog
Talk to a fish and tell him he's cute
Yell at other people's kids
Make macaroni and cheese as a meal for my girls
Grocery shop, fold laundry or wash dishes at 5am
Write a blog and open myself up for other people to comment on my personal feelings
Like middle school kids and want to hang out with them (once in a while--not every day)
Share my computer with a 7 year old
Get overwhelmed with 3rd grade math
Clean dog poop of friends' kids feet (notice how a lot of these have to do with pets???)
Own a charcoal grill and use it
Forget my camera for pretty much every major function
Tell my girls "Because I said so"
Live in my current house for as long as I have
Get tired of reading self-help books
Become a home-body
Enjoy going barefoot (seriously--I used to hate this)
Use my hubby's shaving cream
Bribe my kids with ice cream, candy or money (this probably explains why I can't afford to move and still live in my same house)
Love people as much as I do (even those with more baggage than me)
Forget how old I am
Be caffeine-free
Think an appliance or something for the house is an awesome birthday/anniversary gift
Look forward to making copies at my girls' school

I'm sure there are more, but these are the first things that came to mind. What about you?


tessica said...

I love this one. I remember you not liking the fact that as a kid i wanted to always be barefoot. you always told me to put on shoes. Its funny how we all change, I can't do that anymore cause then I would get m feet dirty.

April said...

Oh those are fun!
I don't even know where to start...