Friday, May 13, 2011

11 Reasons I’m glad I married Brian C. Royal (in no particular order)

1. He teaches me so much about grace
2. Because I couldn’t imagine a better dad to our girls (I mean, who else goes to a Daddy/Daughter dance one weekend with one and duck hunting the next with the other)
3. He makes me laugh
4. He’s never afraid to get his hands dirty
5. The gifts he buys me are perfect for me and he knows that and doesn’t bow to peer pressure to get me what he thinks I should want
6. He treats me as an equal and never discounts my opinion
7. He loves me—not always an easy task
8. His strength still makes me catch my breath (his calf muscles alone could lift a house)
9. He is a better cook than me
10. He has the kindest soul of anyone I know
11. He does floors (and the fact that he uses a shop vac to do them, just endears him more to me)

Marriage isn’t always easy. In fact, most days, it’s hard. But I am thankful that God, in His infinite wisdom, chose Brian for me and made me smart enough to realize there is no one I’d rather grow old with than him. I pray I never take him for granted and always remember what a perfect gift he is for me!

Happy 11th, Babe!


April said...

Aw that is sweet. Happy Anniversary again!!!!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Happy Anniversary to a perfectly God-matched couple!!