Friday, May 6, 2011

Things you discover when you eat lunch at your kids' school

…Cafeteria food is just as gross now as it was when you were in elementary school
…From the looks of it, your child isn’t the only one who insists on fixing her own hair for school
…Pizza day is still a hit (even though the pizza is in a rectangular shape)
…Some parents must smoke crack when they pack their kids lunch
…Ice cream is no longer just a quarter, but it still makes ‘em happy
…Kids are loud—especially when there’s 100 of them trapped together in one room
...The milk cartons are still hard to open
...Nothing compares to the smile on your 1st grader’s face when she sees that you made it on time


Barb said...

Aw. So sweet.

Part of me loves that it's loud at lunch and is sad when I hear about schools that make them eat in silence, and part of me agrees with the silence b/c that means they are actually eating (hopefully?) and not driving the adults in the room bonkers. I think the part that likes the loud for them wins though.

Angel said...

Our school allows them to talk for 15 minutes, then they have to whisper fo rhte next 10. The last 5 are spent on silence so they can finish. I saw a teacher today digging in a kid's bag to make sure he had eaten everything before he was able to get ice cream.
The thing that really annoys me is that for punishment, the kids get part of their recess taken away. Or they have to walk laps during their recess. It especially makes me mad when it's the whole class that has to do it.