Monday, May 2, 2011

Musical Beds

At least a couple of times a month, we play musical beds at our house. Brian and I share a king bed. Hope has a queen to herself and Caroline has a twin trundle bed. Each of our beds fit our individual personalities to a tee.

Brian and I have a well-loved mattress that has a dip in the middle, which helps each of us to have our own defined space. Hope tends to sleep at a diagonal, so a queen bed is big enough for her to do that without hanging off. Caroline’s sweet trundle has a canopy and lots of animals and pillows in it—with just enough room for her little buns to squeeze in.

We go through phases on who sleeps where. Most nights, we stay in our own beds, but if Hope has a bad dream, she insists on coming in our bed—something we swore we wouldn’t do before kids, but quickly changed our minds when faced with a distraught little girl.

Caroline is the sneakiest. She gets in bed between us and most nights, we don’t realize she’s there until we wake up in the morning.

Last night, we had some big storms. We put the girls to bed and were watching all the news reports on TV. It wasn’t until we were going to bed that we realized Hope had been sleeping in our bed the whole time. To her credit, she did leave us a note.

Even though our bed is plenty big for the 3 of us, Hope kicks. And pushes. And sleeps at a diagonal. So I was the lucky one who got to go to her bed (seriously, I’m not being sarcastic here--she has the most comfortable bed in the house). About the time I was starting to get excited about being able to sleep diagonal all by myself, another big boom of thunder sounded and Caroline came running out of her room. It reminded me of the scene in “The Sound of Music" where all the kids end up in Maria's room. Needless to say, she was scared, so I told her to grab her pillow and join me in Hope’s room which wiped the scared look right off of her face).

Some nights, I get so frustrated by the lack of sleep I still get (although NOTHING compares to that feeling of having a newborn and thinking you’ll never get to sleep more than 2 hours a time ever again—I’ll NEVER forget that feeling). Other nights, I’m kinda thankful for the extra cuddly kiddo next to me. It’s definitely easier to look at it fondly during the day and not when you are being tapped on the shoulder over and over by a little girl who wants to come in your bed and instead of just doing it, feels like she should ask permission (still haven’t figured out why some nights they just crawl in and others they ask).

As I look back on the elementary years of my girls, I think Musical Beds will be one of the things that stand out the most to me. Not sure if I will ever miss the lack of sleep, but I will miss the cuddles.

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April said...

Oh I just have no compassion in the in the middle of the night, when they were newborn, or now. You're sure sweeter!