Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating 39

So, my 39th birthday has come and gone. I posted a few weeks ago how I was dreading this birthday. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how great my weekend was.

Heading into the weekend, I got to attend the Catalyst Dallas conference that my church was hosting. I’m still processing through all I heard there and will post later about it, but it was UH-MAZ-ING!

Friday, Brian and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Love that man! Instead of sending me flowers (which I love but I get so frustrated at how much money we spend on things that die in 2 days) he sent me chocolate covered strawberries! How awesome is that! They were so very yummy and I love that he knows what speaks to me.

We had a dinner date—with no kids and enjoyed being together. I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes, it’s easier to be with my hubby than others (and not just because I was in a chocolate covered strawberry coma). When I believe the best about him, I find that I have so much more to say than the times when I am holding in frustration and anger over petty things. This was one of those times when the conversation just flowed from both sides of the table (ok—there was still more from my side, but he added his input, too.) :)

Saturday was a soccer tournament (including dinner with our team) and Sunday I had dinner with my college roommates. None of which were about celebrating me, but sooooo the kinds of things I love to do. In fact—I’d pick these things over a big party any day.

Monday, I was inundated with facebook birthday messages all day. There is no way to grieve a birthday when your phone is lighting up several times an hour! I ended the night having dinner with my dad and step-mom at Maggianos. Dear Rig D---I can’t wait to eat the rest of you at lunch today.

So, the dread I felt a few weeks ago over being 39 has disappeared. And here’s why:

If I were younger, I wouldn’t have already experienced this moment. When I entered my 30’s, Brian and I were just getting started. As I have been looking back on what all God has done in my 30’s, the memories have been good. Not necessarily easy, but oh, so good.

There is a song I heard last week that has been going over and over in my head. It’s called “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. If I were smart enough to link it here I would, but am so tech-non-savvy that you’ll have to find it on YouTube. The gist of the song is that God makes beautiful things; He makes beautiful things out of the dust. AND that He is making me new. (ok--while posting this, the song just came on my Pandora station--God is soooo good!)

While believing I am one of those beautiful things will probably always be a struggle for me, I can see it when I look at that pic above of my incredible family. And knowing that, I can’t grieve growing older and spending more time with them. And the thought that He is still making me just gives me hope beyond what I can express.

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April said...

Oh that is a great post, and those strawberries look so good! And thanks for giving us an excuse to get together for another martini night!