Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Camping we will Go

Wahoooooo! The girls and I are hitting the road to go camping today with friends. These are really good friends--not only did they leave yesterday so they could get great campsites, they are letting us sleep in their camper with them. And letting us steal some of their boat time since all of us won't fit on it at the same time. And letting my kids borrow their motorized scooters while making their campsite quite a bit louder.

Not to mention--they are the one who introduced us to using PEEPS instead of marshmallows for smores--and even better--they stocked up at Easter and are willing to share them with us!!!!

Gotta go finish packing--hopefully I'll be able to post all of our fun afterward (and not post that we no longer have these friends because they saw our true colors).

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April said...

Sounds like great friends!